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Arlo is a rescue dog coming from Cyprus.
He did not meet the standards to become a hunting dog so was abdoned but found his way to a village where he was fostered, sponsored and now with us.
He was flown from Cyprus and arrived at Gatwick Airport 21/01/19 where we met him. His journey did not appear to phase him and he gently left his travel carrier and greeted us. A lovely gentle boy who loves people, children and other dogs, he does not appear to have been abused!
18 months
Walks, people, children, dogs, playing football, tug, generally everything
Loud noises, brooms
Favorite Foods: 
Tripe, chicken, wholemeal mixer, pigs ears, gravy bone treats, marrow bone treats, training treats.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Arlo enjoys his outdoor activities on country walks, by the seafront, on the boat and in the car, he generally loves a good adventure!

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