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Meet: Angus

Pitbull Boxer mix
Burl and Val
Redondo Beach

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We adopted Angus from a rescue org in Redondo Beach and fell in love at first sight! Angus had been abandoned at a kill shelter before they rescued him, but he was only 7 lbs, sickly and less than 8 weeks old when we adopted him. Now, he's 80 lbs, healthy as a horse, and a sweet, loving very active boy. In this pic, you can tell he's doing what he loves best because he's smiling! Soon we're hoping to adopt another dog, so he can share his love with a brother or sister, too!
2 years
Monkey, Angus Beef
Frisbee, fetching his racquetball, being outside!
Thunder, regular potato chips
Favorite Foods: 
Bacon-flavored anything and peanut butter
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing with his toys Mr. Squirrel and Senor Chicken

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