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Meet: Anana

American Eskimo

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Anana is a beautiful American Eskimo whose name means "beautiful" in Inuit. I have so many great pictures of her and it's a shame only get to choose one! She's love your vote, though it might make her even more vain than she already is. This year old puppy dog is definitely a princess at heart.
1 year
Nana, Nanabear, pooper scoop
Baths, beggin strips, cuddling, playing disc golf, tearing eyeballs off of her toys, shedding all over mommy's clothes, being scratched on her beard, sleeping on her back, kissing/licking faces, and people
Her crate, when mommy has to leave, people walking by the apartment, getting in trouble, getting her nails clipped, other dogs trying to eat her food, not being able to run around and play
Favorite Foods: 
Authority brand puppy/adult formula, Beneful, any rawhide or treat, but mostly any human food you can imagine
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing disc golf with daddy, running around and digging in the back yard, getting baths

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