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Meet: Amelia Mona

Boxer/Dinosaur mix
Jessie and Eric

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My name is Amelia Mona. Don't you like my smile? In my free time I like chewing my toys in the upside down position, giving hugs and staring into the sun (Mom thinks I am trying to soak up the sun's energy to make more poops). My favorite trick is to sparkle (where I dance on my hind legs). I have never met a human who didn't love me - even if I am part dinosaur. I think I got my dinosaur nickname for always knocking things over and making people laugh. Let me love you!
1 year
Bug, Monster, Smush, Ami, Dinosaur
My mom and Dad, my BFF Hairy, and my feet
People who have "pit" problems, baths and rain
Favorite Foods: 
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going on adventures with Mom and Dad. Pooping and running as fast as I can away from it. Playing with Hairy.

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