DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

DIY Eat: Juice Pulp Dog Treats

Make these with leftover juice pulp! more
DIY Eat: Summer Freezies

DIY Eat: Summer Freezies—Modern Dog test kitchen approved!

7 Quick, cool freezer treats you can make for your dog in mere minutes! more
A Custom Diet For Your Dog

A Custom Diet For Your Dog

Breed & health specific food from Top Dog Dinners more
DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend

DIY Eat: Bentley's Blend

A chicken and rice dinner for your dog by Haylie Duff more
DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix

DIY Eat—Rex's Terrific Trail Mix

Made from leftovers and delicious! more
Can My Dog Eat That?

Can My Dog Eat Fruit?

The fruits to treat and the fruits to avoid more
Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

A Scary Combination more
Chicken Nugget Dog Treats

DIY Eat - Tasty Chicken Nugget Dog Treats

We like a good, simple recipe as much as the next person, particularly when our blender does the majority of the work. So when we happened upon a super-simple...more
Raspberry-Strawberry Kefir Drink

DIY Eat - Raspberry-Strawberry Kefir Drink

INGREDIENTS • 1 cup plain goat milk kefir • ½ cup fresh or frozen raspberries • ½ cup fresh or frozen strawberries • ¼ banana • Sprig of fresh mint (...more
Gelatin Treats for Dogs

DIY Eat - Gelatin Treats for Dogs

Gelatin contains amino acids beneficial for skin, hair, and joint health. Spruce up this super-powered ingredient with our choose your flavour tasty gelatin...more


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