Recipes For You and Your Dog

Oh! What to do with these long, dark evenings? Why, a little impromptu party of course! Take a cue from countries that
not only know winter, but embrace it. If the season is dragging you
down, these recipes are sure to fire you up. more

Doggie Diet: Lose Weight With Your Dog

When I take my dogs for a walk, all my neighbours recognize my little Papillons. They don't always recognize me. I'm about half the size I was two years ago; I've lost 125 pounds. What's my secret? Actually, I owe every ounce of my weight loss success to my little dog, Pogo. I didn't start out planning to lose weight. It was my dog who was dieting. Pogo needed to lose about half a pound; on his small-dog frame, the equivalent of 10 pounds worth of love handles on me. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kabuki