Compost Pet Poo for Organic Fertilizer

When life gives you dog poo, make organic fertilizer. At least that’s
what NatureMill would have us do. And why not? Unlike traditional
backyard composting, NatureMill’s pet-friendly composter (made from
recycled and recyclable materials) requires next to no effort.
Essentially, all you have to do is drop in the poo, along with any
other organic materials, such as kitchen scraps like coffee grounds,
dairy, veggie peelings, fish or meat. more

Dognapped! Frightening Facts of Pet Theft

AFEW SECONDS WAS ALL IT TOOK FOR CHIHUAHUA PUP LUPÉ TO SLIP OUT THE DOOR AND INTO THE hands of an opportunistic thief. She was at work in Vancouver with owner Emily Olmstead when the door was accidentally left ajar. Despite Emily's swift action to find her, Lupé's whereabouts are still a mystery. more


Dog of the Week!

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Meet: Alex Murray