The (Dog) Sh*t Has Hit the Fan

Dear Abby offers her thoughts on where to stash your trash while walking your dog. more

First Class Fido

Dogs flying in and out of Atlanta are being treated to a little bit of first class with the recent opening of the Atlanta Airport Dog Park. more

Ken and Barbie’s Dog Problems

Barbie and Ken are worse at keeping their dogs than Jon and Kate. more

Taking Parenting Cues from a Dog Trainer

In a world filled with parenting role models like Homer Simpson (doh!) and Jon Gosselin (yikes), perhaps it’s little wonder that today’s parents find themselves turning to unconventional sources of inspiration. more

Nuts for Peanuts?

If you resemble a Peanuts character, now is the time to stop cursing your misfortune (How you've resented that lone Charlie Brown ringlet on your forehead) and revel in the good (read: famous) company you're keeping. more

Meet the Newest Obama

After months of fierce debate and much speculation in the blogosphere and beyond as to what dog the Obamas would choose, the first family welcomes their eagerly anticipated puppy.more

Dog Poo Sculpture Takes Flight

American artist Paul McCarthy’s exhibition of a giant, inflatable pile
of dog poo at a Swiss museum raised quite a stink in summer. more

Estate Planning For Your Dog

One day a posting came into one of the canine rescue listservers I
belong to. "Senior Bullmastiff mix. Kennel aggression. Must go or will
be PTS [put to sleep]." more

Puppy Hell: The Horrors of Puppy Mills

The term "puppy love" conjures images of teen couples passing notes in
the school hallway. All is warm and fuzzy. The term "puppy dog eyes"
brings to mind big, droopy, please-love- me peepers reflecting
innocence and loyalty. Both of these colloquialisms are made all the
more appealing by virtue of one simple word: "puppy." Not only have we
come to love the sweet little creatures themselves, but - let's face it
- we love the word. Puppy. more

New York Pet Fashion Week

Looking for an excuse to visit the Big Apple this August? Look no
further. Fashion goes to the dogs with New York Pet Fashion Week. more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Niko