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What Would You Do if Your City Banned Your Dog’s Breed?

 The banning of breeds, confiscation of family dogs, and the business of changing public perception I have a secret. It’s something that few people know about...more

Man's Best Friend: Men and Their Dogs

Michael & Keiko   Cam & Draiman   Chris & Milo   Nahleen & Roxie   Calvin & Coby   Mr. Muller & Mirabelle   Ken &...more

AKC Announces Most Popular Dogs in the US

The American Kennel Club has just release the current top 10 most popular breeds list in USA, with bigger dogs wrestling their way to the top of the list....more

Be Mine Tattoo Cocktail Party Adopt-a-thon

Are you worried that elaborate, MC Escher-inspired paw print tattoo you've been wanting on your chest might not look so hot when you're 90? Well, we've found...more

Meet the New Breeds

Having just been recognized by the American Kennel Club, two new breeds will be competing for the first time in this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show,...more

NYC Bed, Bath and Beyond Stores Welcome Four-legged Shopping Buddies With Designated Pet-Friendly Carts

Have you ever walked by a store and had something catch your eye, but couldn’t enter because your furry pal was looking up at you with gleaming eyes, begging...more

Hero Dogs

From humble beginnings in a Texas pound to his deployment as a Specialized Search Dog in Iraq, Gabe rocked the vote with support from his thousands of fans and strong social media presence. During his impressive career with his handler Charles Shuck by his side, Gabe completed over 210 combat missions, visited wounded troops, and toured schools.more

The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built

In 1956, 12-year-old Jim Berger penned a letter to the architect of his family home requesting plans for a dog house for his Black Lab, Eddie. more

The Best Reunion


Bo announces the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll

Bo, The First Dog, announces the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll. In his excitement, the First Dog even lays an egg. Find more on the 134th annual Easter...more


Dog of the Week!

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