Picasso's Dogs

“There was Lump, my Dachshund. I used to put him in my paintings when they needed something to make them lighter and more amusing.” more

Writing Contest

At Modern Dog, we're sharing our own adoption stories here and here, and want you to share yours, too. Submit your adoption story (maximum 700 words) to us at...more

War of the Roses

We had hadn’t really planned to get another dog. Not that we'd tell her that. But it was one of those things. Rosie’s sweet photo and heart-rending write up...more

Mine Detection Dogs

If his dog had been a bit more courageous, Stefan Karrman may have found himself working in Sweden doing K-9 search and rescue. As fate would have it, during...more

Terrific Tri-pawds!


Up in the Air

Pepper and Booberry had a lot in common. Pepper looked like a Shih Tzu but nobody was certain. The abused and abandoned dog was found urine-soaked, flea-ridden, and battling a raging urinary tract infection. Tumours on her back made it look bent. Booberry, a blue Chihuahua who was more ear than body, was found in a dumpster suffering from parvovirus. Both were resident at a shelter that euthanized far too many dogs every day. Both were hopeless and both were close to their last days on earth.   more


SAINTS senior and special needs animal hospice opens its doors for a photo shoot of its very happy residents.more

Training Deaf Dogs

Dear Dr. Messer I have a wonderful little Boston Terrier/French Bulldog cross that I just found out is profoundly deaf. It only makes her that much more...more

The Dogs of Todos Santos, Guatemala

The veterinary team I joined here two days ago has almost completed the vaccine and neuter clinics for this visit and has just started spaying the females. My jaw drops as I enter our makeshift surgery room—it looks like something out of a war movie: tin-covered walls, a dusty floor, poor lighting, and no central heat. Benita, a local villager who has been hired to translate for us, takes patient histories and helps the villagers sign consent forms.more

Big Hearts in Bella Bella

It’s funny that one telephone call can lead to a shift in perception, but that’s what recently happened to me when I received a call from Toronto’s Michelle...more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Thor