The Senator and the Service Dog

But when Senator Franken talks of good days and bad days on the campaign trail, he speaks in this case of losing a dear friend. “Without question,” Franken recalls, “The worst day of our campaign was the day about two years ago when we had to put down our black Lab, Kirby.” more

No Boundaries

Dogs love unconditionally, forgive easily, and are happy effortlessly. Dogs don’t care about the colour of our skin, the size of our bank accounts nor our IQs, astrological signs, or zip codes. They accept us as companions as easily (and sometimes more easily) than they chum up with other dogs and, remarkably, they seem just as willing to love and nurture other non-canines as well, as the following stories show. more

On The Fifth Day:

Jen Flatt Hilsher, founder of On The Fifth Day and its Animal Rescue Keystone, is one of the largest no-kill animal sanctuaries in America. more

The Stoned Angel

My husband is clutching our ten-year- old Schnoodle protectively. Shasta wriggles to get down, oblivious to the heated discussion about her future, while Bob...more

Picasso's Dogs

“There was Lump, my Dachshund. I used to put him in my paintings when they needed something to make them lighter and more amusing.” more

Writing Contest

At Modern Dog, we're sharing our own adoption stories here and here, and want you to share yours, too. Submit your adoption story (maximum 700 words) to us at...more

War of the Roses

We had hadn’t really planned to get another dog. Not that we'd tell her that. But it was one of those things. Rosie’s sweet photo and heart-rending write up...more

Mine Detection Dogs

If his dog had been a bit more courageous, Stefan Karrman may have found himself working in Sweden doing K-9 search and rescue. As fate would have it, during...more

Terrific Tri-pawds!


Up in the Air

Pepper and Booberry had a lot in common. Pepper looked like a Shih Tzu but nobody was certain. The abused and abandoned dog was found urine-soaked, flea-ridden, and battling a raging urinary tract infection. Tumours on her back made it look bent. Booberry, a blue Chihuahua who was more ear than body, was found in a dumpster suffering from parvovirus. Both were resident at a shelter that euthanized far too many dogs every day. Both were hopeless and both were close to their last days on earth.   more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Leah