The Underdog Club

The Underdog Club recently came to our attention and we quite simply fell in love with this band of creative individuals and their mandate of marketing the “ugly, old, and unpopular” dogs out there in need of homes.more

Companies with a Conscience

Today, it isn’t enough to simply pay lip service to social responsibility. Actions do speak louder than words and these six entrepreneurs learned that charity actually begins at the office. See how this special group of dog lovers is doing its part to make this world a better place to live.more

{Todas las Criat uras de Dios} All God’s Creatures: Rescue in Mexico

No one knows how long Wilson had been fighting for his life, trying to keep his head above water in the ocean off the coast of Mexico near Cancun. The dog was...more

Last Lick: How I met my dog

I do this because Buddy is very old. He was 19 on March 1, and my husband and I are pretty sure this will be his final year. I also do this because I love this little creature with an intensity that sometimes surprises me.more

Inspire: The Cheer Squad

Sophie and Pearl, the Maltese companions of Cindy Hogan, have been pet visitors at Yaletown House, a non-profit care facility for seniors with complex care...more

An Accidental Mom

Robert had heard from several neighbours that there was a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix available at SCAR and was eager for us to meet this creature. A little too eager, even; I mean, I’d been talking a good game about pining for a pup but wasn’t looking to be nobody’s momma! When we arrived though, Sean tells us the Frenchie/Boston had just been adopted that morning, but another would be arriving in a few hours and he’d happily give me a call if I wanted to come back and check him/her out. What the heck, I thought, as I dropped my digits and headed back home with a rather-relieved Tom. more

The Smallest Act of Kindness

With all the tragedy and suffering in the world, the concept of one person making a difference can get lost in the enormity of it all. From the global economic...more

Where the Former Michael Vick Dogs Are Now


An Accidental Mom

Our plans had all been very carefully mapped out. It was a lovely Saturday afternoon in brownstone Brooklyn and my guy, Tom, and I were going about the...more

The Senator and the Service Dog

But when Senator Franken talks of good days and bad days on the campaign trail, he speaks in this case of losing a dear friend. “Without question,” Franken recalls, “The worst day of our campaign was the day about two years ago when we had to put down our black Lab, Kirby.” more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Bandit