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Crime-fighting Canines

January 23, 2006 was the worst day imaginable for Vancouver Police Dog Nitro. He was just months shy of retirement after an almost seven-year partnership with...more

Adopting an Older Dog

There’s no mistaking it, puppies are adorable and many grow up to become magnificent companions. Unfortunately pet owners often forget the trouble involved...more

Hope for Paws

Photo: AnnieHart, For Eldad Hagar, 38, and his wife, Audrey, 39, rescuing, rehabilitating, and re-homing abandoned animals from the...more

Good Grief

When Freda died, I was lost. She had been my friend, my confidante, my source of courage, my entertainment, my protector, my driving buddy, my baby. I went on...more

How I Met My Dog: Seven Pounds & Wormy

When I moved from a studio apartment in Los Angeles to a farmhouse on the Ohio River, I knew I’d have a dog before I had a job. One Saturday evening, a month...more

How I Met My Dog: Meeting My Match

I doubted this dog would be a good fit. Not like Ginger, who had run to the window when she saw me at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Ginger, who snuggled next...more

The Emptiness Under the Table

No dog I’ve ever known was as obsessed with food as Ike, the floppy-eared English cocker spaniel I added to my family 18 years ago. He lived to eat. Ike was...more

Last Lick: How I Met My Dog

She was possibly one of the least attractive looking dogs I had ever seen. Shorthaired bristly black, medium height, with a long, thin tail (balding), and one ear that perked upward, the other bent in half. A sad looking mutt, I thought, with few obvious redeeming features.more

The Sweetest Thing

Having eaten her breakfast chocolate bar, Sarah Gross was on a December morning walk with her recently adopted rescue, a Pit Bull named Mocha, when inspiration...more

A Love to Last a Lifetime

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” –Agnes Sligh Turnbull Twelve to thirteen years. That’s what you get on average, a number many times...more


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