Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution

Photographer Sophie Gamand casts Pit Bulls in a new light—a very soft and beautiful one more
How to Get Started Fostering Dogs

How to Get Started Fostering Dogs

Foster families, the unsung heroes of rescue work, offer love, compassion, and temporary shelter to dogs en route to their happy ending—a place to call home more
Thank Dog I am Out

"Thank Dog I am Out" is Rescuing Dogs in Need

When Susan Patterson wanted a small dog in Vancouver, but was unable to find one that suited her needs (mostly due to low shelter rates in BC) she went to the...more
In Defense of Pit Bulls

In Defense of Pit Bulls

Below is the story of Bryan Herrera and his teacher, Sarah Horne, who helped him come out of his shell through his love of dogs, and specifically the...more
Wag Tags

Wag Tags and compassionate capitalism

Wag Tags are a pretty ingenious invention - a noise-free, virtually un-losable dog tag with more room for text than a standard tag. They are a bar of text,...more
Memory Assistance Dogs

Memory Assistance Dogs

Can a dog serve as a substitute for a person’s failing memory? Rather amazingly, the answer is yes. People in developed countries are living considerably...more
Cover Dog, Harley

Meet Harley!

Harley was born in a puppy mill. For those who don’t know, these are horrible places. Selected as breeding stock, Harley was confined to a wire cage with a...more
Anderson Pooper

Anderson Pooper Wins First Place in our Hearts

This too-cute Dachshund, Anderson Pooper, may not have won this race, but he is definitely the most inspiring and adorable contestant! Way to go, buddy! via ...more
Callie the French bulldog's bucket list

Callie the French bulldog's bucket list

For the first ten years of her life, Callie the French bulldog was neglected by her owners. Fortunately, dog lover Caroline Murphy opened her home to Callie...more
The Good News - Lentil the Puppy is Spreading Joy

The Good News - One Puppy's Mission to Spread Joy

We often get disheartened when we see stories of animal abuse or neglect, so we are taking action and celebrating The Good News in this new feature. Too often...more


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