15 Minutes To A Better Bond With Your Dog

Instead of zoning out watching SNL and absentmindedly patting your pup, focus on your dog while you pet him. Like people, your dog can tell when he has your attention. Feel free to spill about your day, even. more
Canine Massage

How To Massage Your Dog

Oh, oh. The distant sound of thunder is rolling through your neighbourhood. Your dog begins to whine, roll his eyes, and pant. He dives under your bed. Is there anything you can do to reduce his stress? Massage may be the answer. more

Pill-Popping Pups

It was the early 1980s and Nicholas Dodman of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University was standing next to a colleague watching a dog that had been brought into the Animal Behavior Clinic. The dog was panting furiously and pacing around the room. It cringed and trembled when it was approached. more

Senior Dogs

We all grow old; however, it’s not until we see Tippy stumble going up the stairs or the wet spot on Sadie’s bed that we realize that our canine pals are no longer puppies. Sadly, most of us dog parents will live to see our dogs depart this world before we do (as Agnes Sligh Turnbull wrote, “It’s their only fault, really”) and as much as we don’t want to think about it, being prepared will help with the transition. more

Do Dogs Need Canine Friends?

The woman had grey hair with faint blue overtones and in her arms she clutched a coffee-coloured Pomeranian. The dog’s name was Max and he was around nine...more
A Vet’s Take On Why Dogs Eat Grass

A Vet’s Take On Why Dogs Eat Grass

Decoding grass chewing in dogs. more

Human Grade Dog Products

Like many people in need of inspiration, I turn to my dog. When it comes to the ladies, Oliver is consistently confident in his approach and the chick-mutts seem to dig him. Observation leads me to believe that his shiny black, reshly-washed coat might have something to do with his success. Hmm. Human-grade dog products, you say? And, suddenly, I have a new tactic. If all these self-enhancing products can help Oliver to smell better, look better, score better…well, it’s worth a shot. more

High-Tech Vets: Better Pet Healthcare

Though people have been helped by specialists for generations, this is an emerging industry in veterinary medicine. In the past, veterinary specialists were traditionally attached to universities and other veterinary schools. They were mainly teachers, and accessible only to determined, passionate pet owners. Sometimes they were called upon to treat valuable prize-winning animals such as Thoroughbred horses. more


Dog of the Week!

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