Who Takes Care of Pandemic Nurses? Their Dogs

The challenges of nurses working on the frontlines during the pandemic have been well documented. Facing personal risk, impossible decisions, and heartbreaking...more

Animal Therapy

When you rescue a dog, oftentimes you find yourself rescued right back more

The Most Common Pet Insurance Claims

Weighing if pet insurance is worth it? We asked pet insurance company Pets Plus Us for their most claimed conditions, and what they pay out. Of course, some...more

Healthy Paws

Solutions for everything from doggie odour to joint pain and reduced immunity. more
Puppy sitting outside

Nature vs. Nurture

How Life Experience and Genetics Determine Your Dog’s Personality more
Dog playing with sprinkler in the summer

The Dog Days of Summer

Fun ways to keep your hot dog cool this summer more
Dog sitting outside

Take Time to Fill Your Dog's Cup

10 minute miracle: Set a timer and spend 10 minutes focused solely on your dog, doing whatever it is your dog wants to do—playing fetch, tug, petting. Check...more
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Dog Dreams

Decoding your dreams about pets with expert & bestselling author Theresa Cheung more
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How Your Dog Sees The World

Dogs are colour blind, perceiving only shades of blue and yellow, but have better night and motion vision than humans. more
The 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022

The 5 Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2022

The best pet insurance companies for your beloved dog or cat. more


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