Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Your Dog’s dental hygiene is highly important and daily oral care is a must! Swedencare’s ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones make teeth cleaning easy for your pup. Used daily, this all natural and grain free product will help clean plaque and tartar whilst freshening breath and is the perfect complement to ordinary dental hygiene. Even our pickiest office dogs loved these tasty chews and with four delicious flavours (Turkey & Cranberry, Chicken & Pumpkin, Bacon and Vegetable) to choose from, it’s guaranteed that your dog will find one he loves meaning a happy dog and healthy teeth! - AS


Barkerstown Brew is an innovative hydration drink for dogs, packed with tons of electrolytes and Vitamin C! A fab energy drink for dogs, these drinks are formulated with natural flavours and minerals, which will encourage your pup to stay hydrated all day! The brew is available in six fun and delicious flavours: Yellow Snow (bacon), Alley Cat Ale (beef), Liquid Kitty (chicken), Mailman Chaser (pomegranate), Cheese Poodle Punch (cheese), and Cool Drool (butter). Modern Dog office pup Minnie the Maltese-Yorkie cross loved the Liquid Kitty flavour!  - ERM

latchkey petz

Finding yourself in a situation where you cannot tell anyone that your furry friends are home alone waiting for you is a big worry for many pet owners. Latchkey Petz accessories are a great way to ease this worry! Their cute accessories, including key fobs, keychains and buttons, alert first responders that you are a pet owner and inform them of your pet’s medical history and location to ensure that they are taken care of when you cannot look after them yourself. Registration is included with your accessory purchase and there is no recurring fee, making it super easy to guarantee your pet is safe and sound. - AS


Walking your dog is a breeze with the WoofPack! And—bonus—there won't be the scent of poop on that breeze. This lightweight, water-resistant dog waste holder will give you an awesome hands-free walking experience, so you no longer have to wince and hold poop bags away from you as you struggle to walk your dog. Built with an inner pocket with antimicrobial lining that effectively stores used dog poop bags and absorbs residual odour, this nifty bag also includes outer additional compartments that can hold personal items, such as keys and cell phones (separated from the used dog waste bags). The WoofPack is available in different colours—office German Shepherd Maverick and his mom love the black/camo design! - ERM


Does your pet love enjoying their meals outdoors during the summer? If so, then you’ve probably dealt with ants making their way into your pup’s food bowl. The Dog Food Lagoon from Highwave is the perfect solution to this pesky problem! The porcelain lagoon section holds water creating a moat around the main food dish making it almost impossible for ants to reach the food. The bamboo riser also elevates the bowl, making it even harder for critters to venture into the food (it also allows for less space to be taken up, is great for taller dogs and looks super stylish!).  If your dog is an al fresco dining enthusiast, this is definitely the product for them!

The small sized Lagoon works for cats too, perfect for your summer kitty!

- Alice Sewell


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