Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Ever get tired of leashes made from rough fabric, or leashes that give you calluses or burns? Then Wigzi's retractable gel leash is for you! This fabulous leash is made with a durable soft gel handle that can mold to your hand and provide some serious comfort. It also includes high quality stainless steel springs that can cycle back and forth over 70,000 times! Available in three beautiful colours, Wigzi makes truly comfortable and reliable leashes. - ERM


These adorable ScrubBusters by Dexas, available in three bright, ice creamy colours, are an affordable and easy way to keep your dog clean! Made with gentle silicone bristles that dogs love, the Dexas ScrubBuster™ helps you to give your dog's coat a quick and effective washing. Designed with a shampoo reservoir, these bristles are so soft and practical! Our shaggy office dog, Gyoza, isn't always easy to clean, but the ScrubBuster was like a soothing massage for him. Check it out! - ERM

Fowl Dog

Check out these super cute decals by Fowl Dog! Available in all sorts of different breeds, these stick-on decals are made of durable vinyl laminate and are available in different colours and patterns. The decals are also complete with conformation breed standard details! Use them on any smooth surface such as your car, windows, tablet, or laptop! Modern Dog loves our Giant Schnauzer and Wirehaired Dachshund decals at the office. - ERM


Office supermutt Homer grew to be a MUCH larger dog than his family initially expected, so he proved to be challenging to control on walks! That's why the Hands-Free SUPER Leash by Larz Dog Products was a great training leash, as it provided a much more relaxing walk experience. Designed to reduce the pain and injury caused by standard restraint and training gear, the Larz Hands-Free SUPER Leash enhanced control without causing discomfort to Homer's family or Homer himself. This comfortable, padded leash is also extremely versatile, as it is able to be shortened or lengthened to match all sizes of dogs. With the Larz Hands-Free SUPER Leash, training your dog on walks becomes so much easier! - ERM

Whisk and Wag

Leela, Modern Dog's office Corgi, loved baking Whisk and Wag's Herb and Cheddar biscuits at home with her dad! Your dog too can experience freshly baked treats at home with Whisk and Wag's treat mixes. By combining the ready-to-bake treat mixes with oil and water, you can add some homemade love to your dog's treats, making the experience even more perfect! Also available in Apple & Cinnamon and Honey & Oats fllavours, these tasty treat mixes are also super nutritious, as they encourage a healthier skin and coat. Bonus: these treats also support gut, immune, and bone health, and can provide a great bonding experience with your pup over the holidays! - ERM




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