Fave Finds

Fave Finds
messy mutts

Looking for unique gifts to give to your favourite dog this upcoming holiday season?

My Modern Dog, Hank Jr. recommends Messy Mutt’s new Travel Water Bottle & Bowl for quenching his thirst on-the-go!

This award winning water bottle is super easy to use and perfect for all of your walks, hikes and road trips, no matter the season.

The removable silicone bowl comes in four different colours: red, blue, green and grey and is attached to the bottled and folds down for easy portability. With just a press of the quick release button, the bowl can be opened and filled with water.

Any unused water can be tipped back into the bottle, so you can be certain that not one drop of water goes to waste and the bowl folds back up against the stainless steel bottle for easy and convenient portability.


Hank Jr. LOVES his new Messy Mutt’s Travel Water Bottle and Bowl. He prefers to drink out of a bowl, so this product gives him what he wants and we love how convenient it is to bring on our many adventures.  Hank definitely gives it his woof of approval! –KD


Madison & Maude

We know that your favorite pooch deserves nothing but the best! However, it can be hard to find quality items that speak to your dog’s unique personality.

We here at Modern Dog love Madison & Maude’s line of designer dog collars! They are a family business who says their mission is to offer sleek and stylish designs for your pet that are timeless.

Their line of dog collars is designed to suit any need for any pooch! These collars will please any dog, no matter if they want to keep it subtle or stand out in a crowd.

Madison & Maude use Horween Chromexcel Leather that is sourced in the US. It is a soft and durable leather that is strong and comfortable for your dog to wear.

In most of the designs, Swarovski crystals and genuine gemstones are used to add a little glamour to the collar. They are also available in a variety of different colors for you to choose from.

Each collar is handmade in the US and Madison & Maude will customize the collar to fit your dog’s neck size.

Even more, Madison & Maude offers a personalized custom service, so you can customize the design yourself. They also offer custom engraved ID tags that can be personalized with your dog’s details. The tags are jewelry grade and hand-polished!

If you also have a cat, check out Madison & Maude’s line of designer cat collars! Just like the dog collars, they are carefully hand-crafted and made with quality materials. - KD


Sleepy Holow

Do you or your pup want to make a statement? Then check out Sleepy Holow’s line of quality dog collars! They offer a variety of collars to choose from such as leather, beaded, blinged, nylon and paracord!

Each collar is handcrafted by hand with the highest quality materials. Sleepy Holow’s owner Kim Holowatiuk creates every item herself in her workshop at home in Alberta, Canada!

Want to spoil yourself as well? Check out Sleepy Holow’s exclusive Furs ‘N Hers line! You can purchase matching collars and bracelets for you and your best dog friend!

Any of the collar styles offered by Sleepy Holow can be made into a Furs ‘N Hers set. Both the collar and the bracelet are custom fitted to ensure that you have the proper size for both you and your dog!

If you have a specific design or idea in mind, Sleepy Holow also specializes in custom-made work! Owner Kim will work with you to help bring your own personal creation to life and ensure that you find the perfect unique accessory for you or your dog! -KD




Canine Cardigans

With the start of sweater weather season, it’s important to keep our beloved dogs warm as the days get colder. But it can be difficult finding sweaters that will fit your dog properly.

Connie Kogler, started Canine Cardigans after struggling to find sweaters that fit her beloved miniature Dachshunds. Kogler re-uses second-hand sweaters or coats made for people and turns them into unique dog sweaters.

Each sweater is unique and hand-crafted in Kogler's workroom at home. She only re-uses sweaters made from natural fabrics such as wool and cashmere! Even better, Canine Cardigans sells sweaters for dogs that weigh anywhere between 1 to 100 lbs, so you'll find any sweater for any size dog!

Check out Kogler’s unique designs and read about her story here. We know you will love them as much as we do! -KD

Dog H20

Did you know that dogs prefer to drink running water as their instinct tells them that running water is clean? That’s why we love Dog H20’s cordless water bowl. It will provide clean, running water for your dog all day, even if you are not home.

Ideal for medium to large sized dogs, this water bowl was designed as a fountain to provide constant running water that is naturally oxygenated. Therefore, it will taste better and your dog will want to drink more, which is key to better health.

The skimmer cleans the water, keeping the surface free from saliva and slime and the bowl comes with 3 filter pads, each with a 1-month lifespan. Plus it easily disassembles so you can throw it in the dishwasher, a feature we can get down with! Made out of food-grade and BPA-free materials you can rest assured that Poochie’s water is pristine.

And it gets better! Not only will your dog be drinking better tasting, cleaner and fresher water, each bowl comes with 3 blocks of Dental Dare!  These specially designed tablets are placed in the bowl to slowly dissolve in the water releasing ingredients that help fight plaque, tartar buildup and bad breath.

Dog H20’s superlative water bowl will help keep your dog healthy and hydrated! -KD


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