Fave Finds

Fave Finds
K9 Honey

K9 Honey for Dogs is an all-natural product that is perfect as a food topper for dogs! Our canine testers at Modern Dog simply swarmed to this delicious treat. The first raw honey varietal specifically for dogs, K9 Honey contains antioxidants, natural enzymes and powerful nutrients, and is a tasty treat to boot. A natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial treat, K9 Honey for Dogs is also awesome for dogs with allergy symptoms! - ERM


Doghook, the Original Dog Leash Hitch, helps keep your dog safe! The creators of this strong and secure dog leash hitch know that while many dog owners love their dogs, it can be sometimes difficult to travel, eat, or shop alongside them, due to certain rules of businesses. For businesses that have the doghook, however, there is no need to leave your dog behind at home! These strong, easy to use hitches made of stainless steel are easily mounted to any flat surface, and are capable of restraining large, active dogs so that owners can frequent businesses while resting easy that their dogs are safe. - ERM

Zen Clipper

Let's face it: dogs do not like getting their nails clipped. Luckily, Zen Clipper makes the process as painless as possible... literally. The Zen Clipper has a patent-pending conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet's nail into the cutting area, which helps to prevent the claw from twisting. This provides your fur baby with the safest of techniques to make sure the quick of his nail won't be harmed, even if he tries to jump or move while it is being trimmed. Available in different sizes to match different breeds of dogs, Zen Clipper's fabulous design will protect your pup from hurting himself but will also help keep his nails short and clean! - ERM


Treatibles is committed to creating grain-free and preservative-free Hard Chews, which contain all natural Phytocannabinoids that can help your dog with anxiety, separation anxiety, arthritis, inflammation, pain, inappetence, mobility issues, cancer, epilepsy, and end of life comfort. Treatibles' new and delicious Tater's Sweet Potato Tots, created in partnership with Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC), is also phytocannabinoid rich, and contains other all-natural ingredients including chickpea flour, sweet potato, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil. Your purchase of these treats is not only healthy and delicious for your dog, but $1 from each purchase will also be donated to Villalobos Rescue Center to help pay their veterinary expenses. On top of this, our Modern Dog office tester Maverick can personally vouch for these treats: he went crazy for Tater's Sweet Potato Tots! - ERM

Maverick Only Leash

Modern Dog office German Shepherd Maverick (pictured) loves his Only Leash -- and so does his mom, who called it "SO handy" and gave it a 10/10! The Only Leash is crazy convenient -- made from stretchable looped bungee, the leash is structured to be easy on, easy off in one quick motion, so that your pup can wear it all the time. This makes it so great for the dog owner on the go, as there will be no more clipping or fumbling around for your leash! Plus, the designs are so cute and colourful -- the Only Leash is available in rainbow, pink camo, Paw Print patterned, and more! - ERM



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