Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Office Dog Leela the Corgi sure was surprised and excited to meet her Cuddle Clone! These 100% customizable plush replicas are made-to-order to look exactly like your pet. All you have to do is submit at least one picture to Cuddle Clones and choose a few customization options, and they will send you your very own Cuddle Clone. Even better, a portion of proceeds from creating your own Cuddle Clone goes to pet-related causes. Get an adorable, one-of-a-kind plush animal, and support animal welfare at the same time. So awesome! - ERM


Poor little So Ha, our Modern Dog office Pekingese, was suffering from an ear infection for several weeks. Her mom tried a few different products, but the infection was still bothering her poor girl! Luckily, So Ha's mom finally tried Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse, which rinsed out, cleaned, and soothed So Ha's irritated ears. Made with hydrogen hypochlorite (HOCl), an antimicrobial active ingredient, Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse is also pH balanced, which prevents stinging. On top of this, this steroid-free, antibiotic-free solution is nontoxic, but still kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Easy to use and totally effective, Vetericyn Plus Ear Rinse is a life saver for burning, stinging, and itching ears, as well as ears with pollutants, contaminants, infection, and odours. - ERM

Burrow Bed

Modern Dog's Editor-in-Chief just loves this Burrow Bed by Bessie + Barnie! And why not? It's awesome! Made with the lushest plush interior, we can't imagine a better bed for a dog who loves burrowing and snuggling. Besides being designed for optimal comfort, the luxurious Burrow Bed is also easy on Earth, as the bottom pillow and sides are filled with eco-friendly polyfill. On top of rthis, the Burrow Bed is customizable — fabrics can be mixed and matched and initials can be monogrammed! Need even more convincing? The Burrow Bed is practical, too: long lasting, reversible, and 100% machine washable. There you have it — the Burrow Bed ticks every box. Comfortable, eco-friendly, unique, and practical to boot! - ERM

Winston & Henry

Winston & Henry's Kiwi collar is simply beautiful! Made with genuine New Zealand leather, this high quality collar is rich green in colour, and is designed with a unique finish which uses the application of oils and waxes along with a special heating technique that gives the collar a ‘patent leather’ look. Modern Dog's Office Corgi Leela just loves hers as it is so stylish and comfortable! Handmade and luxurious, the Kiwi collar also comes with custom-made solid brass hardware. - ERM

Vineyard Dogs

It's hard to imagine a more perfect subject for a book. Vineyard Dogs of the Okanagan is a gorgeous photography collection by Aliki Salmas, whose photos are paired with the beautiful, evocative prose and poetry of Christian Hannigan. The subject that unites the two? Vineyards across the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, and the dogs that enrich the lives of those that live and work there. This beautiful work of art expresses perfectly the unconditional love of dogs, and conjures images of warm summer nights, a crisp glass of wine in your hand and a warm, loving dog at your feet. - ERM


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