Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Your pup always deserves to look their best! On Cloud Canine makes this easy with their range of adorable printed bow ties. With designs ranging from pretty florals to sophisticated herringbone and even quirky sushi and ice cream prints, there’s something for every dog’s style and personality. Love to travel and take your dog around town? Then also check out their stylish carrier totes available in a range of colours and patterns. We currently love their new sushi print carrier tote with chic leather straps. What’s more, every item is lovingly designed and made in Los Angeles!  oncloudcanine.com – AS

Crazy Bounce

Office German shepherd Maverick loves his Crazy Bounce ball by 4BF (4 Best Friends)! This non-toxic, natural rubber ball is refillable and designed to have a random bounce, which ensures that your dog will be kept on his toes when playing with his toy! Available in four sizes and three colours, the Crazy Bounce ball also helps maintain oral hygiene, and is great for both indoor and outdoor play. - ERM

Earth Animal

Do you have a pup who coughs, wheezes, or sneezes, particularly in cold weather or with spring allergies? This wonderful herbal blend by Earth Animal will be a godsend for him, as it is specifically designed to support respiratory health! Made with a blend of organic and wildcrafted ingredients such as licorice root, coltsfoot leaf, and goldenrod as well as a flower essence blend of chestnut bud, olive, and nasturtium, this awesome herbal blend helps to soothe irritation in your dog's nose, sinus, and lungs. - ERM


Your Dog’s dental hygiene is highly important and daily oral care is a must! Swedencare’s ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones make teeth cleaning easy for your pup. Used daily, this all natural and grain free product will help clean plaque and tartar whilst freshening breath and is the perfect complement to ordinary dental hygiene. Even our pickiest office dogs loved these tasty chews and with four delicious flavours (Turkey & Cranberry, Chicken & Pumpkin, Bacon and Vegetable) to choose from, it’s guaranteed that your dog will find one he loves meaning a happy dog and healthy teeth! - AS


Barkerstown Brew is an innovative hydration drink for dogs, packed with tons of electrolytes and Vitamin C! A fab energy drink for dogs, these drinks are formulated with natural flavours and minerals, which will encourage your pup to stay hydrated all day! The brew is available in six fun and delicious flavours: Yellow Snow (bacon), Alley Cat Ale (beef), Liquid Kitty (chicken), Mailman Chaser (pomegranate), Cheese Poodle Punch (cheese), and Cool Drool (butter). Modern Dog office pup Minnie the Maltese-Yorkie cross loved the Liquid Kitty flavour!  - ERM


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