Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Poo Vault

It's gross, but dog poop is just something that comes with being a dog owner! When it comes to doggy messes, though, we all want to avoid being in contact with the stuff as much as possible. Luckily, the PooVault deals with all the gross stuff, so that you can just enjoy walking with your pup! This poop holder, built with a carabiner that you can attach to your belt or leash, is designed to carry your dog's smelly poop bags, giving you a hands free experience and dealing away with yucky odours or awkward holding positions. Because you love your dog, you're willing to deal with his poop--but with the PooVault, the experience is made all the easier! - ERM


Your playful, toy-destroying dog will meet his match with Rowdies, West Paw's new collection of durable plush toys for dogs! With different toys designed specifically for different dog sizes, Rowdies uses their innovative Zogoflex material to give all dogs a real challenge when it comes to chomping, chewing, and gnawing! The tough plush HardyTex™ fabric has also been reinforced with mesh backing for extra durability. Just ask Modern Dog's office dogs -- even shepherd mix Gyoza and border collie mix River could not destroy these super-strong toys! - ERM

Conair Shed-it Kit

Of course you love your pup, but you don't necessarily love his hair all over your house! Help control your dog's shedding with ConairPRO PET's Shed-It Deluxe Professional Grooming Kit for dogs of all sizes. No matter how much your dog sheds, the Shed-It Deluxe Kit controls excess shedding, featuring a fur remover, a de-shedding blade, and three brush attachments. We tested the kit with Leela, our office Corgi, who was super comfortable with all the different attachments! Best of all, Shed-it has really made grooming manageable for Leela. This is a must have item for every dog lover! - ERM

Einstein Pets

We always depend on our office dogs to let us know which treats are delicious! So when Office Dog Maverick gobbled down Einstein Pets' Great Pumpkin Treats, we knew we found something good. Just in time for the autumn season, these tasty, organic treats are made with pure natural pumpkin, fresh apples, sweet tupelo honey, a pinch of cinnamon, and a splash of vanilla. We were tempted to dig in, but we're glad our pups can enjoy this festive season, too! Maverick also tried the fab Black & Whites, the new bite-sized carob-coconut snacks that are omega-rich, high-protein, and low fat. All in all, Einstein Pets treats are delicious AND nutritious! - ERM


Office Dog Leela the Corgi sure was surprised and excited to meet her Cuddle Clone! These 100% customizable plush replicas are made-to-order to look exactly like your pet. All you have to do is submit at least one picture to Cuddle Clones and choose a few customization options, and they will send you your very own Cuddle Clone. Even better, a portion of proceeds from creating your own Cuddle Clone goes to pet-related causes. Get an adorable, one-of-a-kind plush animal, and support animal welfare at the same time. So awesome! - ERM


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