Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Good for your dog, and good for shelter dogs! These all-natural, all-delicious Barkin’ Doggie Biscuits are terrifically tasty and good for your dog’s metabolism and eye sight, not to mention your dog’s tastebuds. Part of the proceeds go to shelters and rescue groups, so by purchasing Barkin’ Dog Biscuits, you’re doing something nice for your dog and for dogkind, too. $11.99, barkindoggiebiscuits.com

With the focus on making the Winter 2010 Olympics eco-friendly, it’s fitting that Safe Paw has been chosen as the official ice melter of the Olympics. Safe Paw is 100 percent salt-free, which means no harmful nitrates, keeping lawns alive and drinking water safe, as well as paws and people healthy. $14.95, safepaw.com


It’s almost time for the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and what better way to celebrate than by dressing your dog in the spirit of the Olympic season with a shiny, new, official Olympic leash and collar set? Featuring the 2010 Vancouver Olympic emblem and a molded, reflective rubber patch to keep your dog safe in the dark, the only thing that would make the Olympic season better would be snow! (Sorry about that, World. We’re not called the Raincity for nothing.) From $20, vancouver2010.com

Get your dog into the spirit of the season as the Olympics descend full-force on the city of Vancouver! Whether you’re a resident of Vancouver intending to hide under the covers until the madness is over, or visiting the beautiful city to take in some sporting events, these hoodies make the perfect souvenir for all your four-legged friends. barkingbabies.com
Yum, chicken! Who doesn’t dream of chicken-scented bubbles? Combining two things guaranteed to make your dog go crazy, the JumBubbler is impossible to resist! $24.95, activedogtoys.com/jumbubbler.html


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