Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea—or, uhm, in the living room? Your dog, in this adorable plush pineapple house!

We first spotted this sweet house on Facebook in one of our reader’s oh-so-cute dog photos (see Mimi and Zeke here!) and just had to track it down. Super cute! (The house, and the dogs too!) Milkypets.com



There aren’t words to describe how awesome these toys are. Fun, floaty, and dare we say, fabulous? These toys are adorable and perfect for summer! Plus, their squeakers make cute, wobbly little noises that are a welcome change from their more high-pitched brethren. Bright blues and greens, decorated in Hawaiian flowers, and finished with adorable eyes just brimming with personality, these toys are sure to please. There is a strong possibility that I’ve grown too attached. From $10, sherpapetgroup.com

It’s dangerous being a sock. If it’s not the dryer picking off your mates one-by-one, it’s that sneaky, selfish dog chewing them to pieces. Now, thanks to Fab Dog, you can keep your dogs happy and your socks satisfied! Save your socks with these cute Retro Tube Sock Plush Toys. $14, fabdog.com

The plush Puppy Piñata has a Velcro opening that’s filled with natural, tasty treats to spark your dog’s natural instincts (think disemboweling dinner). Fun! $8, puppypinata.com


If you're lucky enough to live somewhere other than the Raincity (Vancouver) and it's still snowy and cold wherever you are, then file this one away for wishful daydreams of rainy spring days...

This is awesome. Invest in rainboots and a raincoat, as well as this fantastic umbrella, and keep your furry friend completely dry this spring season! Sure, people will probably stare (with envy, we're sure!), especially if you invest in the matching umbrella for yourself, but we're willing to bed that this will be the must have item this spring! And hey, if it is still snowing wherever you are, we're sure this umbrella can keep off the snow, too. $20, pets2bed.com


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