Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Pet First Aid

Your pup is your best friend. Yet in an emergency, do you know how to help him if a vet is not available? If you don't, never fear! Walks N Wags is here to make sure all dog owners know what to do when their pets are experiencing health emergencies. Offering the longest standing pet first aid course in Canada, Walks N Wags' Pet First Aid classes will teach you informative and life-saving techniques, so that you will come away with knowledge including what to include in your Pet First Aid kit, how to safely approach an injured animal, how to handle various bleeding wounds, and how to approach problems such as bone injuries, poisoning, burns, and more. Don't wait — your pup's life could depend on it! - ERM

Poopy Packs

We love that walking your pet’s poos to the trash is now fashionable with these super-cute poop bags! Poopy Packs, designed by Metro Paws, offer pet parents a fun, earth-friendly alternative to plain bags. We think the most momentous event of the walk should be celebrated. Poopy Packs XL bags for large dogs, and Poopy Packs for Cats, mean you can clean up after your pet in style. - Katherine Hall

Thy Fairest Fido

Attention fido fashionistas and fashionistos! Dogs can now shine bright like a diamond while supporting foster and adoption. Thy Fairest Fido creates beautiful dog accessories for all breeds, shapes, and sizes because they refuse to leave any fido behind (we love this!). Check out their Paws for Cause program to see how these accessories make a stroll around the block, a big day at the dog park, or a symbol of fido-friendship even more beautiful! - Katherine Hall 


We always love treats that are both delicious and nutritious! Dr. Dalton's dehydrated dog treats, made from gently dried cuts of meat, are crunchy and tasty snacks that are sure to keep your pup happy! Free from any additives such as sugar, salt, or artificial flavouring, Dr. Dalton's dehydrated dog treats are available in three delish flavours: simply beef, simply chicken, and meat medley. Find your dog's favourite today! Our office dogs sure found theirs. - ERM

Pet Pita

This is so cute, comfy, and convenient! The Pet Pita, designed by Comfy Pets LLC, is a super safe and easy way for you to handle, medicate, and groom your pup. Available in grey and navy colours, the Pet Pita is designed to easily get a grib and pick up your pup without any discomfort. Office dog Ava the American Eskmio's mom loves it, and uses it to conveniently groom and transport her furry friend. - ERM


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