Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Duo Flex

Office dog Gyoza feels super comfy in his Duo Flex harness! Created by Julius-K9, this awesome harness has a flexible chest strap that feels great for your dog while also lessening the strain on your own arm. Dog walking will become a much more comfortable experience for the both of you, as Gyoza and his mom can attest! - ERM

Campfire Alaskan Crunch

You should have seen Modern Dog's office pups chow down on these delicious treats! They were having the time of their lives! Created by Campfire Natural Dog Treats, these scrumptious "Alaskan Crunch" treats are made from crunchy, crispy dehydrated cod skins. The wild cod in these treats are sustainably fished from crystal clear waters in Northern Alaska by local fisherman, and are then hand-rolled and dehydrated to tasty perfection. Made without antibiotics, hormones, additives, colours, fillers or preservatives, these yummy snacks are grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free and soy-free! Office mutt Gyoza and Pekingese So-Ha each give it four paws up! - ERM

Dyson V8

This cord-free vacuum is the best! The Dyson V8 Absolute vacuum has a powerful suction you wouldn't believe, able to pick up any and all dog hairs that try to hide in nooks and corners. It's got it all: a direct-drive cleaner head that drives bristles deeper into the carpet to remove even more dirt, a soft roller head that's awesome for hard floors, a whole machine HEPA filtration that captures allergens and expels clean air, and more! A bonus is that it can even be adapted to be hand-held or clean high areas, so even the corners of your ceiling won't be able to escape! Just in time for you to get some stellar spring cleaning done. - ERM


It's a jungle out there--and now your pup can be a part of it!  We absolutely love P.L.A.Y.’s Safari Toy Collection, an adorable set of five plush wildlife creatures resembling an elephant, zebra, lion, giraffe, and crocodile. Built with unique supersized squeakers and sliding hind limbs for extra tugging fun, your dog will be entertained all day with his five new friends. As if this wasn't enough, 2% of the purchase price of these toys will support the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to aid in its mission in reducing the commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats, and assisting animals in distress. With P.L.A.Y's Safari Toy Collection, both you and your pup will feel like kings of the jungle! - ERM


Ever want to keep your pup company while you're at work or he's at home alone? With Lovoom's Pet Camera you can! A super awesome benefit of this camera is that it also serves as a kibble launcher, so that you can still train, treat, and reward your pal with kibble when you're away from your home. From your smartphone or with a remote control, you can play and interact with Fido from afar. Your lovely pupper will never be bored or lonely again! - ERM


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