Fave Finds

Fave Finds
iPad case.jpg
Now that sand and suntan lotion are but a distant memory, it's time to break out the electronics. Protect your iPad or laptop against the powers that be and use a padded case. A pug case, obviously. From $40, trackandfielddesigns.com
Keep mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks and no-see-ums at bay. The combination of essential oils in this natural insect repellent will ensure pleasant, pest-free summer evenings for you and your dog. $12, earthheartinc.com
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Business casual, Caribbean cool, Prep style; whatever your dog's go-to look is Ralph Lauren's got you covered. These classic polos are bright and breathable in 100% machine washable cotton. From $35, ralphlauren.com

No one likes a smelly dog. Full stop. Nip grime and stink in the bud with an all natural shampoo and conditioner that will leave dirty dogs smelling anything but. We love the fresh and calming Alpine Meadow scent. From $10.00, naturalk9supplies.com

What does one do when needing to transport a dirty, sandy, stinky, wet dog? One of life's major dilemmas, indeed, but not one without an answer: Soggy Dog! These machine-washable car seat covers are a cinch to put on and take off and will save your car's interior from the above-mentioned dirty dog. A true life saver! From $65, soggydog.ca


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