Fave Finds

Fave Finds

Help your pup get some relief with the Affordable Pet Test! This non-invasive allergy test uses the latest diagnostic technology to locate the source of your dog's allergy or intolerance symptoms. By testing a few strands of your dog's fur, Affordable Pet Test can help you figure out what is making your dog experience discomfort, and can provide you with answers as to the degree of severity of your dog's allergies.  Finding the source of allergy/ intolerance symptoms will then allow you to make diet, environment and lifestyle changes to reduce unpleasant symptoms. Check it out today -- Affordable Pet Testing provides results within 7-10 business days! - ERM

Uptown Pups

We love this hands-free waste carrier from Uptown Pups (Doggie Did)! Available in five bright colours, this durable, easy to use waste carrier holds multiple bags and attaches to any leash. No more fumbling for doggie bags during your doggy's daily messes! Tried and tested by the Modern Dog team. - ERM


This custom-made portrait is bound to become your favourite piece of art in your home! Created by Heather Hugginson of Illustrate-It, these fabulous works of art are perfect for celebrating or memorializing your beloved furry friend. Simply mail in a photo of your dog to Illusrtate-It, and it will be transformed into a beautiful portrait. Check out the easy-to-follow instructions here to begin! Captured with both simplicity and grace, this portrait is sure to become one that you will treasure forever. Also makes a wonderful gift! - ERM

Buddy Belts

Buddy Belt Harnesses have been an office favourite at Modern Dog for years now, and it’s no wonder why. Not only are they safe and comfortable (the unique low-cut design minimizes pressure on your dog’s windpipe and/or spine) but they are also super stylish! The high quality, beautifully hand-crafted leather harnesses come in a rainbow of colours and can be mixed and matched with Buddy Belt’s equally adorable leashes, collars, charms and dog tags, for the ultimate in stylish comfort.

- Alice Sewell

To find out how buddy belt got started, check out our article on founder Roxanne Pettipas here.

Under the Weather - Ready Balance Probiotic Gel
Under the Weather - Ready Balance Probiotic Gel

For dogs who are feeling Under the Weather, here is a source of probiotics, vitamins, and the prebiotic Inulin, that they will actually love. Ready Balance is a highly palatable oral gel that helps troubled tummies. This easy-to-dispense packaging makes it simple to give your dog during times that can be stressful, such as travel, or to help get gut and digestive health back on track after antibiotics. Under the Weather Pet makes it easy to get our canine companions back to feelin' good! - KH       


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