Fave Finds

Fave Finds
Over 165 Breeds hand drawn as Vintage Blueprints
Dog Art

Dog owners know their dog is very special and want to find different ways to showcase their best friend. Robert Redding, a incredibly talented graphic designer and artist has found a way to celebrate dogs and their breed history through blueprint-style art with the Animal Blueprint Company

Redding graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and Photography and he has built his career around a love for dogs. The Animal Blueprint Company is an opportunity for him to share and combine his love and knowledge of graphic design, art and animals with you. He found his childhood dog, Dusty as a puppy abandoned in an alley one day while heading home from school and they became fast friends.

With over 165 breeds, two print sizes, and a variety of framing styles to choose from, you can definitely find the right art for your home or for a gift! These stylized art pieces are in the format of 1950’s blueprints and printed on museum quality paper. Each print features detailed drawings and information on the breed of your choice, which is a great way to learn more about and honour the breed you love. They have also recently added a customizable option so you can have your dog’s name incorporated into the print. Truly making them a piece of art! Whether you get one for your beloved best friend or for one of the human kind, click here to learn more now!

Better Food, Better Health for Your Dog
Fresh Dog Food Delivery

We love NomNomNow, recently rated as one of the top fresh dog food delivery companies! You can't go wrong. I know you want to give your dog the best life with the best diet possible. NomNomNow delivers (yes, straight to your door and at no extra charge), wholesome and nutritious dog meals made for your best friend with the freshest,restaurant-quality ingredients available. Each ready to serve meal will meet the specific nutrition needs of your dog.

Dogs bark about having:

  • Stronger immune system, fewer ailments
  • More energy
  • Shinier and softer coat
  • Healthy weight
  • Better overall mood

Did you know there is no risk to you to try! NomNomNow offers a care-grade guarantee: if you don’t see the difference from the wholesome NomNomNow fresh diet after 30 days of eating, NomNomNow will buy your dog's next order.

Give your dog the best diet, did we mention fresh dog food delivery right to your door? Click here now to save 30% discount applied at checkout to give your dog the best diet.

Aroma Paws logo

We all love our dogs but not necessarily the odours they leave in our homes.

Aroma Paws Odour Neutralizing soy wax candlesFor that reason, we recommend Aroma Paws extreme Odour Neutralizing soy wax candles. 

These candles are made of soy wax blended with natural citrus and odor removing oils and will safely neutralize unwanted smells, including pet, smoke and other household odors. There are no dyes, pesticides, animal by-products, DEA or TEAO and are made in the USA.

Aroma Paws Odour Neutralizing soy wax candlesEven better, Aroma Paws Odor Neutralizing Candles come in 8 different scents to choose from: Cedarwood, Citrus, Floral, Basil, Herbal, Lime, Orange Bergamot and White Grapefruit. Each candle is 12 oz. and comes with a lid and a 90-hour burn time. For only $15.99, we definitely recommend checking them out! –KD

Everyone deserves a treat once in a while, even dogs.
Wufers Cookies

So why not treat your pup to a whole box full of uniquely designed treats? Here at Modern Dog, we love Wufers’ cookie boxes. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re made using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, meaning you could eat them yourself—although your dog will probably like them better!

This Valentine’s day let your dog know you care with a love-themed box of cookies! Or celebrate your pup’s “gotcha day” or birthday with their birthday boxes. Have more than one pet? No problem! Wufers offers a bundle birthday box which offers two boxes at a discounted price. We promise we won’t tell if you want to get both boxes for only one dog!

Wufers believes all dogs should get to join in your celebrations, and they make doing this simple and fun. If your dog loves their treats, you can register them on the Wufer’s website and have a themed cookie box sent to them every month. New boxes come out over the holidays so be sure to check back with them during your favourite time of year. Don’t forget to share your Wufers pics with us—we love seeing dogs in love with their food. -AL


Look through all their designs and learn more about their subscription boxes here!

I Love My Fur Kid

Here at Modern Dog, we would do anything to protect our furball family members. When emergencies occur, however, we can’t always be there to ensure the safety of our pets. That’s why we here at Modern Dog love I Love my Fur Kid, a service that allows you to create custom emergency pet signs for your home.

I Love My Fur Kid emergency pet signsWith your choice of background colour and text, these signs allow you to feature a photo of your beloved pet that will inform others of your pet’s presence in the house during an emergency. Hang the sign in your entrance way, foyer, outside your door or in your window – wherever it is most visible so that others will know that there’s a furry friend inside to rescue!

If you’d prefer not to include photos or have too many pets to feature them all, you can opt to use a generic version of the sign – simply write with a sharpie to add extra details to the sign. On top of emergency pet signs, I Love My Fur Kid can create travel kennel tags, book marks, and fridge magnets you can customize with pictures of your pets. Our favourite option is the Pets Home Alone Key Chain–if for any reason you fall ill or become injured, this key chain will help others know you have a pet at home that needs assistance. You can add a phone number to the card or opt for a generic version in case you update your number frequently (write in your number in sharpie, and use a magic eraser to remove it). Pet emergency care card keychain for pets home alone

With all the stress of an emergency situation, it only seems right to put your mind at ease by having a few measures in place that will help ensure your pet is cared for. With prices starting at $10, check out I Love My Fur Kid’s selection of products at https://ilovemyfurkid.ca. - JH


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