Whisk and Wag Treat Mixes

November 14, 2017
Whisk and Wag Treat Mixes
Whisk and Wag

Leela, Modern Dog's office Corgi, loved baking Whisk and Wag's Herb and Cheddar biscuits at home with her dad! Your dog too can experience freshly baked treats at home with Whisk and Wag's treat mixes. By combining the ready-to-bake treat mixes with oil and water, you can add some homemade love to your dog's treats, making the experience even more perfect! Also available in Apple & Cinnamon and Honey & Oats fllavours, these tasty treat mixes are also super nutritious, as they encourage a healthier skin and coat. Bonus: these treats also support gut, immune, and bone health, and can provide a great bonding experience with your pup over the holidays! - ERM



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