VitaLife Cheese & Chicken Wraps

April 24, 2017
VitaLife Cheese & Chicken Wraps

VitaLife has released NEW and delicious dog treats in awesome, yummy flavours! These all-natural, oven-baked treats contain fantastic nutrients for your pup including lean protein, fibre, omega-3-fatty acids, and more that are sure to keep your dog healthy as well as to satisfy his tastebuds. Our office dogs love the tasty Cheese & Chicken Wraps, which are loaded with calcium and vitamins and are made of carefully sourced ingredients that will delight your fur baby's tastebuds. Also available in the flavours of Pumpkin & Chicken Wraps, and Chicken with Pumpkin & Flaxseed Chips, VitaLife treats are a fantastic choice for your pet! - ERM

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