Think Product Lab's F'lint

July 23, 2018
Think Product Lab's F'lint
F'lint Roller

Animal fur sticking to clothes is a constant struggle for any pet owner. Lint rollers are an easy go-to fix for the problem, but they are difficult to carry around with you. With Think Product Lab’s new F’lint roller, the fight to keep your clothes clean just became much easier and affordable.

This item will keep your clothes safe from lint or animal fur no matter where you are! The F’lint roller is made in easy travel sizes to fit perfectly in your bag or pocket. The durable body protects the tape on the retractable roller, as well as your non-lint items.

The F’lint roller comes in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. It is also reusable and refillable, which means no more constant trips to your local dollar store. Starting at $7.99, the F’lint is easily becoming a staff favourite! -KD

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