Picky Puppy Samples

August 24, 2016
Picky Puppy Samples

Has this ever happened to you? You bring home a new brand of dog food—one that came highly recommended—and feed it to your pup, only to have him snuff his nose at it and refuse to eat? We’ve been there plenty of times, and it’s costly! PickyPuppySamples.com has found a solution. They offer a huge range of dog foods, from which you can choose as many 3 oz sample bags as you like! Make your selections from four categories—adult, puppy, sensitive systems, or pre-picked sample packs—and they’ll conveniently be delivered to your door, allowing you to test exactly what your pup is craving. Each sample is around $2, or you can choose a pre-packaged sampler for $9 - $18. And if your dog cools on a particular food? Order some more samples! What an ingenious—and money saving—solution to our picky puppies’ ever-changing taste buds.

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