Pethaus Denim Dog Vests

March 13, 2017
Pethaus Denim Dog Vests
Pethaus Denim Dog Vest Raw Blue - Unpatched

Show off your dog's style and attitude with these awesome denim vests by Pethaus! If your pup is tough as nails and trendy to boot, you'll love these stylish and comfortable vests, made from double-stitched, vintage-style denim with brass dome fasteners and cotton lining. Pethaus' vests are both comfy and durable, made from long-lasting material for your doggy's active lifestyle. Created with built-in harness holes underneath the collars, these vests are also made for layering for doggies that can get chilly -- the pup model in the image above is also wearing a hoody underneath his stylin' vest! For pet owners who want further customization, Pethaus also offers super-cool patches, badges, studs, and more that can come pre-sewn or bought separately. - ERM

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