Natural Baltic Amber Pet Collar by Amber Crown

March 7, 2017
Natural Baltic Amber Pet Collar by Amber Crown
Amber Crown Flea Collar

Who says you can't prevent fleas and be stylish at the same time? To repel bugs as trendily as possible, we recommend Amber Crown's all-natural flea and tick repellent collar, made from raw baltic amber. This handmade and gorgeous collar is completely safe for humans and animals, but works awesomely against the ticks and fleas that bug your furry pal! The natural unpolished amber of the collar releases a lovely pine scent and generates static electricity that will force bugs to chaneg course. This beautiful collar is also chemical-free, and comes in a variety of sizes to make sure it fits your four-legged friend. Available with either an adjustable chain or leather strap! - ERM

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