Madison & Maude Designer Dog Collars

October 3, 2018
Madison & Maude Designer Dog Collars
Madison & Maude

We know that your favorite pooch deserves nothing but the best! However, it can be hard to find quality items that speak to your dog’s unique personality.

We here at Modern Dog love Madison & Maude’s line of designer dog collars! They are a family business who says their mission is to offer sleek and stylish designs for your pet that are timeless.

Their line of dog collars is designed to suit any need for any pooch! These collars will please any dog, no matter if they want to keep it subtle or stand out in a crowd.

Madison & Maude use Horween Chromexcel Leather that is sourced in the US. It is a soft and durable leather that is strong and comfortable for your dog to wear.

In most of the designs, Swarovski crystals and genuine gemstones are used to add a little glamour to the collar. They are also available in a variety of different colors for you to choose from.

Each collar is handmade in the US and Madison & Maude will customize the collar to fit your dog’s neck size.

Even more, Madison & Maude offers a personalized custom service, so you can customize the design yourself. They also offer custom engraved ID tags that can be personalized with your dog’s details. The tags are jewelry grade and hand-polished!

If you also have a cat, check out Madison & Maude’s line of designer cat collars! Just like the dog collars, they are carefully hand-crafted and made with quality materials. - KD


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