I Love My Fur Kid Helps Keep Pets Safe

January 9, 2019
I Love My Fur Kid Helps Keep Pets Safe
I Love My Fur Kid

Here at Modern Dog, we would do anything to protect our furball family members. When emergencies occur, however, we can’t always be there to ensure the safety of our pets. That’s why we here at Modern Dog love I Love my Fur Kid, a service that allows you to create custom emergency pet signs for your home.

I Love My Fur Kid emergency pet signsWith your choice of background colour and text, these signs allow you to feature a photo of your beloved pet that will inform others of your pet’s presence in the house during an emergency. Hang the sign in your entrance way, foyer, outside your door or in your window – wherever it is most visible so that others will know that there’s a furry friend inside to rescue!

If you’d prefer not to include photos or have too many pets to feature them all, you can opt to use a generic version of the sign – simply write with a sharpie to add extra details to the sign. On top of emergency pet signs, I Love My Fur Kid can create travel kennel tags, book marks, and fridge magnets you can customize with pictures of your pets. Our favourite option is the Pets Home Alone Key Chain–if for any reason you fall ill or become injured, this key chain will help others know you have a pet at home that needs assistance. You can add a phone number to the card or opt for a generic version in case you update your number frequently (write in your number in sharpie, and use a magic eraser to remove it). Pet emergency care card keychain for pets home alone

With all the stress of an emergency situation, it only seems right to put your mind at ease by having a few measures in place that will help ensure your pet is cared for. With prices starting at $10, check out I Love My Fur Kid’s selection of products at https://ilovemyfurkid.ca. - JH

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