Beautiful eco-leather collars and leashes from HUND Denmark

January 3, 2017
Beautiful eco-leather collars and leashes from HUND Denmark
Woman walking dog with adjustable eco-leather leash

Being of Danish descent, the leashes and collars made by HUND Denmark immediately caught my eye. They’ve paired elegant Scandinavian design with function in these beautiful harnesses, leashes, and collars made from Eco Leather.

What’s Eco Leather, you ask? Rather than using harsh chemicals to dye the leather, HUND Eco Leather is made using natural tannins extracted from plants such as the Chestnut or Quebracho tree, transforming the raw hide into unique and versatile tanned leather. The outcome is a product that not only feels luxuriantly supple in my hand, but is also durable, with the added benefit of not rubbing or matting my dog’s fur. 

The leashes can be adjusted to four lengths or worn cross-body for hands free walks. They also come in a variety of styles and bright, sophisticated colours, like turquoise and cherry red, and there is even a charming bow-tie collar that would be a perfect addition to any dog’s wardrobe! Love it!

—Connie Wilson, publisher

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