Highwave Dog Food Lagoon

May 17, 2018
Highwave Dog Food Lagoon

Does your pet love enjoying their meals outdoors during the summer? If so, then you’ve probably dealt with ants making their way into your pup’s food bowl. The Dog Food Lagoon from Highwave is the perfect solution to this pesky problem! The porcelain lagoon section holds water creating a moat around the main food dish making it almost impossible for ants to reach the food. The bamboo riser also elevates the bowl, making it even harder for critters to venture into the food (it also allows for less space to be taken up, is great for taller dogs and looks super stylish!).  If your dog is an al fresco dining enthusiast, this is definitely the product for them!

The small sized Lagoon works for cats too, perfect for your summer kitty!

- Alice Sewell

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