Easing Your Dog's Anxiety with Medix CBD

September 10, 2019
Easing Your Dog's Anxiety with Medix CBD
CBD oil could be the perfect solution for your dog's anxiety.
Medix CBD for dog anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is never easy for anyone, human or dog alike. CBD oil is a natural remedy that more and more dogs owners are using to help keep their dog calm and to help combat anxiety solution.

Medix CBD has a vet recommended bacon-flavored CBD oil tincture for dogs that is available in three sizes for small, medium, and large breeds. The appropriate and recommended dosage amount of CBD oil to give your dog is typically based on their size and weight. (Always follow the instructions on the label). Giving them a dose in their food or in their water is the easiest way and causes the least amount of stress. 

As a dog owner, you know that dealing with your dog's anxiety can be very stressful! How can you best help your canine? You have to consider what is best for you and your dog while narrowing down what could be causing their anxiety.

Dogs can get very attached to their owners and end up with severe cases of separation anxiety. This is the most common type of anxiety dogs can suffer from and they could end up destroying something in your house, digging up their bedding in their crate, or much worse when left unattended.

To start, stay calm. keep them as comfortable as possible, and work on sticking to a routine they can get used to. If you aren't calm, it will only stress them out even more! Remember, they live to please you and won't always understand why you may be upset with them or what they did wrong. One of the best things you can do, for both you and your dog, is to take small steps each day.

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*Before you try CBD for your dog you may want to check with your vet first!

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