Earth Animal's Fisherman's Catch Dog Treats

March 6, 2017
Earth Animal's Fisherman's Catch Dog Treats
Earth Animal Salmon and Flax

Modern Dog's office dogs Duke, Callisto, Penny, and Esther all loved trying out Fisherman's Catch: delicious oven-baked dog treats created by Earth Animal! Samples were also taken home to Modern Dog home dogs Blue and Homer, who also gobbled these snacks up super quickly! It's no wonder that all of our doggy buddies loved these treats so much -- made with delicious ingredients including organic buckwheat flour, salmon, and organic sprouted pumpkin seeds, these biscuits are both tasty and super healthy! High in Omega 3 fatty acids and protein, Fisherman's Catch treats are also hypoallergenic, and offer great benefits for our furry friends' joint, skin, heart, and brain health. Grain-free and low calorie, these treats are also great for training. (PS, Earth Animal's baked treats also come in other scrumptious flavours such as Coconut & Peanut Butter, Tomato & Olive Oil, and Pumpkin and Chicken!)  - ERM


Above: Blue and Homer, eagerly awaiting some treats!

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