Cocotherapy's Coconut Powder Sprinkles

February 27, 2017
Cocotherapy's Coconut Powder Sprinkles
Coconut Sprinkles by Cocotherapy

Do you have a dog who has a special diet, or a pet whose appetite needs to recover as he regains his health? Or maybe he is just so darn picky! For all of the above, Cocotherapy has the perfect answer: Coconut Powder Sprinkles! These flavourful sprinkles come in sets of three, and are completely protein-free, made instead with organic coconut and coconut nectar. Fantastic for pets on restricted protein diets, these yummy sprinkles are an appetite stimulant that support weak or sick pets. They also have an irresistable taste that will increase your pet's health and provide an easily digestible source of energy! - ERM

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