Buddy Belts Harnesses: Safe, Stylish, and Super Functional!

January 2, 2019
Buddy Belts Harnesses: Safe, Stylish, and Super Functional!
Blue Buddy Belts Harness

Whether or not your pooch is a leash puller, we’ve certainly all experienced that difficult judgement call–do I pull hard on the leash to keep my dog safe, or risk the danger to spare my pup the neck pain? Although using a traditional leash and collar can seem like the only option, Buddy Belts has found a way to break tradition in an aim to help dog’s health. With a thoughtful and practical design, we love that these handcrafted leather harnesses are built to reduce stress caused to a dog’s neck, spine and throat when walking on leash. 


Buddy Belts Founder Roxanne and her Miniature Dachshund, BuddyCreated originally for Buddy, Buddy Belts founder Roxanne’s miniature Dachshund, Buddy Belts were built specifically to prevent the choking and coughing dogs can experience when walking with a traditional collar and leash. Although it’s the most common way to secure a leash when walking a dog, the pressure around the throat this arrangement causes can lead to health issues overtime. 


Rather than attach a leash at the neck, the unique patented design of the Buddy Belt allows the leash to be fastened between the shoulder blades, secured to your pup by the two holes that hold the front legs. By eliminating pressure around the neck, the Buddy Belt can help to keep your canine friend secure and safe from accidental injury.


Not only are these harnesses easier on your dog’s neck, they’re also super practical for dog owners. Buddy Belts are available in 11 sizes to accommodate dogs big and small, and its easy-to-use design includes an o-ring that slides to accommodate leash mobility while the Buddy Belt stays snug against your dog.


Pixie 2.0 Buddy Belt Harness for Dogs

Here at Modern Dog, we really appreciate when a product not only keeps our dogs safe and secure, but does so with style! With a vibrant selection of colours and hues, you’ll find a Buddy Belt that suits you and your pup best–our favourite right now is the adorable Pixie 2.0 that features a periwinkle leather and allows you to add clear crystals for a bit of shine. 


With functional and fashionable options to choose from $42 - $240(12 Sizes: Premium, Luxury & Elite Collections). Check out Buddy Belts at https://buddy-belts.com. - JH






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