Dog Training


Counter Surfing

When your dinner isn’t safe: what to do about dogs who clear counters more
Teach Your Dog to Wink

Teach Your Dog To Wink!

It's Easier Than it Sounds! more
Does My Dog Need a Friend?

Does My Dog Need a Friend?

How To Determine If Your Dog Wants a Live-In Canine Friend. more

Destructive Chewing

Dogs chew and destroy things for many reasons, but two of the most common factors are boredom and excess energy. more

5 Signs Your Dog Is Bored

and What To Do About It more

How Dogs Learn From Other Dogs

Let your adult dog teach your puppy! Dogs can teach other dogs obedience commands more

Why Growling is Good

Growling is meant to avert aggression, not cause it. But many owners misunderstand & correct their dogs. more

Is Your Disobedient, “Untrainable” Dog Actually A Super-Smart Evil Genius?

The surprising reason why your dog isn't obeying your command more

7 Ways To Transform Your Relationship With Your Dog

This bond-based training approach can powerfully change the way you connect with your dog more
Dog tell you something

Is Your Dog Trying To Tell You Something?

How dogs tell us what is happening in their world more


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