Dog Training

Dog greetings Gone Wrong

Dog greetings Gone Wrong

A dog trainer/behaviourist asks, when did we lose the aptitude to greet dogs? more
19 Dog Gestures

19 Dog Gestures and What They Mean

Your dog is trying to tell you something. Are you reading the signs? more
Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Eureaka! Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Creating “eureka” moments for your dog: A new study shows why you should make your dog work for those treats! more
10 Socialization & Training Games

10 Socialization & Training Games you Should Play with your Puppy

(And Two Things to Never Do!) more
The Beast at the End of the Leash

The Beast at the End of the Leash

Does your leashed dog  go crazy when he encounters  other canines? This is  called “leash reactivity.”  Here’s what to do about it. more
30 days to a better dog, learn tips, tricks and treats that will help your dog improve.

30 Days to a Better Dog

One simple suggestion per day to improve your dog's behaviour and strengthen your bond! more
Canine Confidence and boosting your dogs confidence

Building Canine Confidence

Is your dog Insecure? more
Dogs That Play Too Rough

Dogs That Play Too Rough

Roughhousing at the Dog Park? Find out how to get your pup playing nicely with others.  more

Petting Wars

Dog-Dog Aggression in the Home and What To Do About It more

Are You the Cause of Your Dog’s Barking Problem?

What to do if you find you are at the root of your dog’s alarm barking more


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