Dog Training

A Dog Trainer's Must-Do's!

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Dog’s Life!

A Dog Trainer's Must-Do's! more
How to Socialize Your New Puppy!

How to Socialize Your New Puppy!

From who to introduce your dog to, to when, here’s how to get your pup off on the right paw. more
How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

How Much of Your Dog’s Behaviour Is Genetic?

Data shows that behaviour, as well as intelligence, aggression, and fearfulness are, to a significant degree, inherited more
Dogs That Play Too Rough

Does Your Dog Play Too Rough?

5 Ways to Calm Your Roughhousing Pooch more
Conversations With Dogs

Conversations With Dogs

Reflections on the unique role our pups play in our lives more
When Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Share the Couch

Dog Training Tip!

It’s been a long work day and you’re finally home. You change clothes and head wearily to the couch to watch your favourite television show. But surprise! Your dog is already there, happily lounging in your spot. more
Misunderstanding Dog Behaviours

4 Commonly Misread Dog Behaviours Explained!

Four commonly misinterpreted dog behaviours explained more
Training Mistakes

Top 9 Common Dog Training Mistakes

Are YOU the problem? These common responses to problem canine behaviours are confusing your dog or, worse yet, encouraging the very behaviour you’re trying to avoid more
Are You Stressing Out Your Dog?

Are You Stressing Out Your Dog?

If your dog seems high strung, you may want to look in the mirror more
dog behavior changes

Terrible Teens! Has Your Dog's Behaviour Changed?

Canine Behavioural Changes During Adolescence more


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