Dog Training


On Dog Training

I think admitting your dog has trained you in anything is something one should keep private. Accordingly, most of my conversations regarding education and my...more

Ask an Expert - Dogs That Don't Like Water

I would love to take my German Shepherd, Spencer, to the dog beach but he absolutely refuses to go in the water. Does he not know how to swim? Is he scared of the water? I would like to teach him to like the water so he can wear off some energy swimming. Any suggestions?—Landlocked in LA more
Barking at Guests

Ask an Expert - Barking at Guests

How can I get my Akitas to stop barking at people who come into my house? If I have people over for dinner, the dogs eventually stop, but as soon as someone attempts to get up from the table, they start the barking again! more

Ask an Expert - Tackling Resource Guarding

I have a one-year-old Cavalier King Charles who is VERY food protective. When he was a pup, I found I could not use any food training treats because he would get overwhelmed, so I always had to use positive things like toys or praise. He has slowly gotten worse. Help! more

Ask an Expert - Herding Hassles

Our puppy is a herding dog and he nips at our heels as we walk around the house. How can we get him to stop this?  more
Dog attack

Dog Park Dog Attack - Ask An Expert

If my dog is attacked at the dog park, what should I do? more
Separation Anxiety in Dogs

How to Ease Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog have separation anxiety? Try this list of 11 tips and tricks to help your pooch calm, relax, and enjoy being together... without all the stress...more

Ask an Expert - How to Wean Off Treats

Ask Jennifer Messer Q: My new puppy only listens to me if I have a handful of treats. How do I wean her off treats so she’ll obey me regardless of what I have...more
puppy staring

How Long Does it Take to Housetrain a Puppy?

How to housetrain a puppy and how long it should take. more
Puppy chewing

What to Do if Your Puppy is Chewing the Wrong Things

"My puppy, Sally, is chewing everything in sight. How can I get her to chew on the right thing (her chew toys) and not the wrong things (the table leg, my fingers)?" more


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