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Ask an Expert - Losing bladder control

Q: My old girl, Tim-Tim, is losing bladder control and I’m wondering if I should train her to use an indoor potty system. Is it too late to teach an old dog...more

Ask an Expert - Too submissive

Q: I’m worried my dog is overly submissive. She shows her belly to everyone and sometimes even piddles submissively. How can I boost her confidence? —Wet...more

Ask an Expert - Leash-pulling

"I’ve tried everything, but Zoe, my Husky/ Chow cross, continues to pull like a maniac when walking on leash. Please help!" more

Ask an Expert - Lagging behind

Q: My rescued Toy Poodle, Sally, drags behind me on walks. She’s only six and runs around in the house, so it’s not a mobility issue. What’s up with her...more

Ask an Expert - No Recall Skills

King has learned that play and training are mutually exclusive. more

Ask an Expert - Exuberant door greetings

My Shepherd-cross, Charlie, is a dream when I leave, but as soon as she senses my return, a tirade of crying and barking ensues from the second my car pulls in the driveway until I enter the house.more

Ask an Expert - Charging & Barking During Walks

Q: My Miniature Dachshund, Candy Lu, occasionally charges and barks at other dogs on the sidewalk. Often, these dogs are much larger than she is. Why on earth...more

Ask an Expert - Resource guarding

"My Yorkie, Angel, is a tiny terror. From the time he was a baby, he’d growl if we picked him up from out of his bed."more

Ask an Expert - Puppy Basics

Ask Jennifer Messer Q: Like any “expectant mom” I tried to read up on puppy training so I would do things right. But the more I read, the more confused I...more

Ask an Expert - Peeing problem

If people are stressed or upset, we can talk things through. We can make ourselves feel better by yelling, crying … or eating ice cream. Dogs? They pee. more


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