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We know how devastating it is to lose a cherished canine friend so we created this space for posting memorial tributes to dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Click here to post a tribute or click here to find resources to help you cope with your loss. And remember that life is a circle and true love forever.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.—Helen Keller

There is no death. Only a change of worlds.—Chief Seattle

Memorial Tributes

(March 21, 2000 - November 28, 2013)
By Rasleen Sahni in Bayside, NY
On thanksgiving, my sweet Lucky passed away. I was holding him and I put him down in the front seat of the car and he was instantly gone. I will never know what happened in that moment. What he was... Read More
(October 10, 2011 - February 2, 2013)
By Kelly Cantrell in Lubbock,TX
These are our two brothers Junior is the solid Brindle and Hercules is the Brindle/white. these 2 brothers were sweet loving and our babies. I sure do miss them.
(November 14, 2004 - August 9, 2013)
By William & Jennifer Berryman in Kenmore, NY
Lucy was, as are all dogs, utterly unique. She brought immeasurable happiness to us, made us laugh and brightened any gloomy day. We lost her to Lymphoma at only 8 years of age, and our lives without... Read More
(April 23, 1997 - July 6, 2010)
By Kim Klassen in Rivers, MB
oh sweet andy ... sweet 'doo doo' how my heart aches today... i keep thinking i hear your little feet, clip, clopping on the wood floor. i woke up and instantly felt for you at the foot... Read More
(May 5, 2000 - October 16, 2012)
By Opinion02122 in Attleboro, MA
She was the last in a line of 35 years of German Shepherds. She was the sweetest, most gentle creature God ever created. She loved everyone, and every dog, she ever met. Her passing has left a hole... Read More


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