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We know how devastating it is to lose a cherished canine friend so we created this space for posting memorial tributes to dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Click here to post a tribute or click here to find resources to help you cope with your loss. And remember that life is a circle and true love forever.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.—Helen Keller

There is no death. Only a change of worlds.—Chief Seattle

Memorial Tributes

(May 20, 1994 - December 20, 2009)
By Betsey Freedman in Long Island NY
My First Boston at first site..she had kiss spots on her nose when I got her ..she was tried and true and would have given her life to protect mine. I loved this dog more than anything... Read More
(January 7, 1992 - April 20, 2007)
By Betsey Freedman in Long Island NY
My sweet Boo Bear...My first furbaby My angel in heaven ..I miss her more than I ever thought I could ..she was sweet, protective and always my very best friend. She died from congestive heart... Read More
(July 4, 1997 - November 9, 2011)
By Lydia Puhak in Annapolis, MD
When I walked into the doggie viewing area at my local animal shelter, I was immediately overwhelmed by the sounds and the smells. (Every dog in the place was jumping and barking and I went into a... Read More
(April 18, 1977 - June 2, 1985)
By Terre in Sacramento , CA
Bear was my first dog and great friend! We would swim in american river together He taught my parents to appreciate animals
(December 19, 1998 - December 1, 2013)
By The Andersons in Columbus, Ohio
Betsy found me when she was running loose on a busy city highway. Tried in vain to find her family. She had many physical problems. PetPromise took her in and repaired 2 hernias, pulled 10 teeth,... Read More


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