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We know how devastating it is to lose a cherished canine friend so we created this space for posting memorial tributes to dogs that have crossed the rainbow bridge. Click here to post a tribute or click here to find resources to help you cope with your loss. And remember that life is a circle and true love forever.

All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.—Helen Keller

There is no death. Only a change of worlds.—Chief Seattle

Memorial Tributes

(April 29, 2003 - January 22, 2022)
By Shannon in New Westminster, BC
Ch Willowcroft Montana Nitesong "Monty"
Show dog, therapy dog, light of my life for 19 years. He didn't take just a piece of my heart when he left this world, he took the whole damn thing.

I met Monty in the summer of 2003 at a dog show when I was 14. I was sitting around a campfire with a group of dachshund breeders my mother befriended. A woman named Darlene was holding a small, sleepy puppy tucked into her jacket. I was distracted by 12 other rambunctious dogs, and forgot about him shortly after the weekend not knowing I had just met my best friend. In October Darlene emailed asking if I wanted a dog because she had the perfect one for me. And he was.

Nov 4/03 Monty came home to me. When I picked him up he melted into me and I was instantly in love. He was supposed to sleep in his kennel at night until he was a year old. That lasted 2 nights before I decided that he'd be sleeping in the bed with me forever. Until the very end was my little spoon.

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