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Why Are Dogs So Friendly? Science Now Has An Answer

Pet dogs have altered genes that make them friendlier than wolves, a new study demonstrates more
Wag Healthy Club

A Special Delivery To Help Keep Your Dog Healthy & Happy

In Partnership with Wag Healthy Club and dailydose   Do You Have a Senior Dog?   At what age is a dog a senior? And, as a pet parent, what should you do...more
Bernie's Perfect Poop

Good Dog Gut Health: There’s More To Your Dog’s Poop Than Meets The Eye

Research shows that the secret to healthy bodies and immune systems are good guts. more
4th of July

5 Must-Do’s for a Safe 4th of July With Your Dogs!

How to manage noise phobia, update your contact info for your dog’s microchip, and more! more

Someone Found An Ingenious Way to Keep Their Puppy Busy Forever

Hilarious puppy life hack more
Woman with golden retriever

Grooming Tips and Essentials to Get That Summer Do’

Summer is here, and with that comes beautiful weather and heat! It’s the perfect time to step up your at-home grooming game and keep your furry friends trimmed and polished. more
Top Dogs

Instagram’s Top Dogs

Not a single one of these dogs has less than a million followers. Read on for the ‘secret sauce’ (underbites, stunning outdoor photography) that makes these accounts stand out. more
can all dogs swim

Can All Dogs Swim?

Many people mistakenly think that all dogs can naturally swim more
Enrichment For Senior Dogs

Enrichment For Senior Dogs

How to keep your senior dog happy and engaged despite advancing years and physical limitations more
The Making of Viral Pet Photos

The Making of Viral Pet Photos

From senior dogs to fat cats, photographer Pete Thorne captures the magic the Internet goes wild for! more


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