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Dog Park Discourse 101: Conversation Starters

Let's face it, modern dog owners are just as guilty as first-time parents when it comes to rambling on and on about their "kids." And while a good poop horror story makes for conversational common ground at any canine-centric soiree, why not show your range? The following cocktail party cheat-sheet highlights dogs that have made a significant impact on our common culture. A few minutes studying this list and you'll soon prove that it's possible to impress even the finest pedigreed pooch (and his/her sexy owner) with your best trick: speak! more

How to Reduce Your Dog's Ecological Footprint

1. Make the switch once and for all to biodegradable dog poo bags. What are you waiting for? 2. Order ecologically sound dog beds and organic, pesticide free dog food from or, sites specializing in environmentally friendly pet supplies. more

Solutions for the Dogless

Apartment's too small? Boyfriend's allergic? Perhaps just not down with
de-pooping the backyard? Whatever the reason, if you or someone you
know is simply not ready to become a full-time dog parent, peruse the
following list of alternatives for people looking to cram some dog-time
into an otherwise (sniff) dogless existence. more


Dog of the Week!

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