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DIY Craft - Personalized Treat Tins

Personalized Treat Tin How-To 1. Download the customizable treat tin label template and type the name of the doggie recipient or type of dog treats directly...more

“Life is a Series of Treats”

Filmmaker and dog-lover Steven Andrew Garcia recently collaborated on a video-installation, "Life is a Series of Treats," with his dog, Laika. In it, Laika spends a day in Echo Park while wearing a small camera to document her interests, including trash, food, butterflies, chasing birds, and other dogs. You know, the usual. What is unusual is that the video is shot entirely by Laika. more

To Lost Friends and Fallen Comrades

It is a sad reality that sharing a life with dogs almost invariably means grieving for them, these best-est of friends, our fallen comrades. We are always aware, of course, of their comparatively truncated life spans and the rapid passing of time, yet, so wholly unimaginable is their disappearance from our lives that we suspend thoughts of their passing. more

Irish Dog Breeds

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re celebrating the loveable breeds of Irish descent with a fun AKC profile covering the background and personality of each of these eight beauties. more

Think Like Your Dog

We can’t help humanizing our dogs. I’ve been guilty of it myself, especially with my old superdog, Lou, who was as close to human as a dog could get. They comfort us and, over time, we almost forget that they are dogs. more

Embarrassing Moments

Whoever said dogs can do no wrong obviously never had her pooch decide to do his business in the ATM room of the bank (on security camera!) or bring home a pile of “racy” magazines (actually happened!) from the neighbour’s trash. more

What is it About Pit Bulls?

Pit Bull. Two simple words, but so very charged, the reaction to which varies wildly. There are their fearful detractors, those who would have them demonized, having fallen prey to the dogs’ misrepresentation in the media. And then there are their champions, who are struggling to change the tide of public opinion.more

DIY Gift Tags

Add some poochie pizzaz to presents with these easy to make gift tags. more

Winter Woofers

Hounds get in the holiday spirit more

A Rockin’ Modern Dog Holiday

Your dog here: Personalize our holiday eCard with your dog's photo! more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Dolly